About Medicalcare Japan – A New Concept in Medical Tourism

Medicalcare Japan is a brand established by Dalian International Travel Co., Ltd. And Visit Japan Co., Ltd., for the purpose of providing a complete medical tourism service for foreign foreign visitors.

For those with busy lifestyles, traveling abroad is a reward for hard work. If you can also undergo an advanced medical check up during your travels, giving yourself health assurance will be a great plus.

Japan leads the world again and again in life expectancy, and is recognized by the World Health Organization and many other associations as a model country for complete medical care. If “Tourism” is not just sightseeing but interpreted as to “Experience” a country’s charm, then experiencing Japan’s charm in medical care will provide you with a complete travel experience.

Medicalcare Japan’s goal is to set your mind at rest all the while providing you with a confident and complete medical tour service.

Our Strengths

1. Nationally Accredited (approved by IIMA)
Our service is accredited nationally by the Japanese government’s Department of Economics and Industry with a full authoritative operating license. We are Kyushu’s 2nd service entity to obtain this license.
2. Authorized Issuer of the Japan Medical Visa
The Medical Visa is a new type of visa issued to foreigners in 2011. We act as the guarantor for you, being fully authorized to issue medical visas for your length of stay in Japan. Not just for you, but also visas for a family member or spouse to accompany you during the trip.
3. Professional Medical Translations
For your health, for your life, the correct medical translation is a must. We have certified staff who will provide you with a complete translation service all the way.
4. Long-Term Partnerships with Trusted Hospitals
Health is long-term, and so are our committed partnerships with trusted and respected hospitals in Japan. Doing so, we are able to provide the right medical consultation to our customers for the right treatment for each illness.
5. 5-Star Quality Service
Medicalcare Japan offers the most advanced medical health care, along with the best hot springs, hotels, and cuisine for a complete medical tour experience.

Top Quality Medical Tours – Our 3 Philosophies

1. To provide the most technologically advanced medical health checks and treatment services
Japan leads the world in life expectancy, and is so because its medical treatment, facilities, services, and prevention are all world class. The most effective is the PET/CT screening, along with 24 types of tumor examinations, blood/biochemical tests (26 types), immunological testing, genetic testing (68 types), and more.
2. To offer a tailored service that fits your needs
With our dedicated transport vehicles and medical translation staff, along with nationally approved staff members experienced in the medical field, your medical arrangements in Japan are secure and safe with us. Each customer has different needs, and we strive to offer the most tailored service to meet your needs.
3. To give the best quality service we possibly can
Our goal is to provide you with the most luxurious stay in Japan. Expect to visit the most famous hot springs, enjoy the best of Japanese cuisine, and experience the best of Japanese culture. With us, Japanese hospitality will be at its peak.

China Office

Company NameDalian International Travel Co., Ltd.
AddressDalian-city, Xigang District, Xinkai Road #82, Yuexiu Tower 27F
Telephone Number
+86 411 8230 3133

Japan Office

Company NameVisit Japan Co., Ltd.
AddressFukuoka-city, Hakata Ward, Hakataeki Higashi 1-1-25, Takara Building 504
Telephone Number
+81 92 401 1677