Dental Implant Basic Knowledge 4

Advanced Dental Implant Treatment

Instant Dental Implant

There is no need to wait for “tooth regeneration” as the procedure can be done on the same day, therefore allowing patients to achieve good exterior and natural looks.

CGF Regeneration Treatment

CGF (Concentrated Growth Factors) technology is to extract the blood in patients through a professional centrifuge process to concentrate growth cells. This technology allows wound healing, bone tissue regeneration, periodontal tissue regeneration, as well as the prevention of infection with excellent results. The sample is extracted from the patient’s own blood, therefore no worries regarding any infection.

CGF再生治疗法 CGF再生治疗法

GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration)

GBR (Guided Bone Regeneration) is to provide repair of alveolar bone defects and to allow bone tissue regeneration. If there is not enough bone tissue required for the implant process, this technique is used.


Inner Maxillary Augmentation

In the upper jaw, there is a hole called the maxillary sinus. When embedding the fixture, if there is not enough distance between the maxillary sinus and the alveolar bone, then there is a need for maxillary bone regeneration treatment to create new bone tissue.

Inner Maxillary Augmentation

Outer Maxillary Augmentation

There are different methods, but this surgery is done mainly in the area lacking the tooth after the tooth has been extracted. The damage is limited, and treatment time is shortened. During dental implant treatment, if the bone volume is low, this technology can still be implemented. Preparation begins in the maxillary hole at the implant area, work is done to gently lift the maxillary sinus mucosal bone to fill the space in the upper part, and then implant procedure begins.



All-on-4 technology is mainly for patients without teeth or who are half teethless, and involves only four implants embedded in the alveolar bone, and then oral implanting is finished by installing the crowns onto implant abutments.



All-on-6 is just like All-on-4, except that there are 6 implants involved.