What is the Japan Medical Visa?


Not just limited to medical treatment, the Medical Visa was established in 2011and can be obtained for even normal medical check ups, aesthetic procedures, and hot springs rehabilitation. Medicalcare Japan has full application authority from the Japanese government. As well, not just you, but also a family member, a spouse, or a close friend can obtain this visa to accompany you during the trip.

Visa Coverage

Not just limited to medical treatment, the Medical Visa can be obtained for even normal medical check ups, aesthetic procedures, and hot springs rehabilitation.

The Merits of the Medical Visa

1. Simple Procedures
No need to provide employment details or income tax details. *Only need to submit a bank statement of asset holdings statement to prove economic ability during the medical trip.
2. Simple Procedures for the Accompanying Family Member, Spouse, or Friend
In order to allow a patient to have a family member, spouse, or friend to accompany them during the trip, the application process is also made easy, going through the same simple steps as the patient applicant. *The accompanying person does not need to provide any proof of economic ability.
3. Long Visa Duration (Same as Japan Short-Term Stay Visa)
The total duration of multiple stays can be extended to 3 years. *Attention: The duration approved to the patient depends on the patient’s medical condition and recovery status. The longest stay for a one-time visa application can be as long as 6 months.
Visa TypePurposeConditionGuarantorDemerit
Medical VisaMedical / Health Check, etc‘- treatment, health check, doctor consultation, hot spring treatment, etc.Visit Japan Co., Ltd.Only a few organizations can offer this type of visa.
Short-Term Business VisaBusiness / Commercial‘- requires a corporate Invitation Letter
‘- requires business relations with Japanese companies
Japanese EntityNeeding corporate sponsorship, therefore difficult to issue visas for family, spouse, or friends to accompany.
Tourist Visa (Individual)Tourism‘- requires proof of economic ability
‘- accompanying persons limited to parents only
Many travel freedoms when in Japan, but visa process requires proof of assets (income tax payment statements, bank deposit statements, etc.), making process rather strict.
Tourist Visa (Group)‘- must join group tour through travel companiesTravel CompanyWhen in Japan, no personal free time and the hotel choices are limited.

Medical Visa Application Procedure

The client contacts us and provides information on the client and any accompanying persons. Then Visit Japan acts as guarantor and proceeds with visa application preparation.
The receiving medical institution determines whether to accept client.
After the client’s itinerary is determined, Visit Japan will mail the client “Medical Institution Consultation Certificate” and “Guarantor Certification”, etc.
The client receives all documents sent by Visit Japan, and submits those documents to the Japanese Embassy in their home country to officially apply for the Medical Visa. (For details on all documents to be submitted, please consult the Embassy’s website.)

Required Documents for Application

Application ItemsResponsibilityRequirements/DetailsCost Responsibility
1. PassportClient Client
2. PhotoClient4.5×4.5 photo, within 3 monthsClient
3. Visa Application FormClientForm provided by associated agentFree
4. Proof of Economic AbilityClientBank statement with at least 100K RMB; Hospitalization requires 500K RMB and above.Client
5. Copy of Household RegisterClientProvide temporary residence proof if client is not under jurisdiction.Client
6. Hospital Reception LetterVisit JapanIssued by the Japanese hospital6, 7, 8, and 9 is the complete package that Visit Japan is offering.
7. Guarantor LetterVisit JapanFrom Visit Japan, required by the government
8. Medical Itinerary Visit JapanIf being hospitalized, needs foreign hospital
9. Entry Permit to JapanVisit JapanIf be hospitalized, need to stay at least 90 days.