Why choose Japan for your medical check up?

The leading country for cancer screening

Japanese health care is at world class standards, especially in regards to cancer screening and prevention. This actually started 30 years ago, when the island nation started this quality standard by starting a “Let’s build our country by preventing cancer!” mentality. Because of this, Japan has become the leader in cancer screening and treatment, with a successfull treatment rate at 68% in 2008, the highest in the world.

The country boasts the newest treatment techniques, including heavy ion/proton therapy, among other effective treatment methods. The 3 main characteristics of Japanese cancer treatment: high cure rate, fewer side effects, and low recurrence rate.

Japanese Life Expectancy – #1 in the World (Male: 80.21 years, Female: 86.61 years)
  1. *Data from Japan Department of Welfare, Aug 31, 2014
Services: Minimally Invasive Treatment
Japanese people highly value their quality of life, and this translates to medical treatment as well, where the least invasive techniques are used in order to minimalize the damage to the body, and therefore minimally invasive treatments are the norm.
Advancements: Particle Line – Heavy Protons (Heavy Ions)/Proton Therapy
Japanese particle line treatment includes 12 items (4 heavy partilce lines, 8 yoko lines). Treatment facilities are ranked first in the world, with the resulting cure rate also being at the top.
Experiences: Enjoy Japan’s Hot Springs
In addition to having the top cancer treatment facilities in the world, Japan also has the most hot springs (onsen) in the world. Onsen treatment for illnesses are also recognized by associations in other countries, with notable results and effects.