Medicalcare Japan’s Services

Second Opinion
Obtaining a second opinion means to consult two or even multiple doctors regarding the best treatment methods for you. This second opinion is very important as it can act as questioning material for the first doctor, in order to come to a conclusion for the best treatment options and hospitals for a patient.
  • Service Details
  • Translation of medical documents (existing documents: English to Japanese, hospital documents: Japanese to English)
  • Hospital visit with Japanese doctor (obtain details on check up items, and obtain consultation on treatment options)
  • Referral to the right medical center (certain illnesses can only be treated at certain hospitals)
  • Estimate on fees for treatment on illnesses
  • Other all-around services and arrangements
Health Care Arrangements
After fully understanding your illness and its cause, our next step is to arrange for you the correct treatment and provide referral to the medical establishment to go to.
  • Service Details
  • Full translation service during your check up
  • Full translation of documents of your results
  • Explanation of all paperwork during visit, and before your treatment, if any
  • Translation of medical documents (existing documents: English to Japanese, hospital documents: Japanese to English)
  • General sightseeing tour guide with translation, transport, etc
Expert Medical Translation Services
For your health, for your life, the correct medical translations are absolutely necessary. We have experienced medical translation staff members to assist you all the way.
Complete Transport Service
From your arrival in Japan, we cover all travel arrangements to your hotel and hospital, and back to the airport on your last day. PET/CT screening, hot springs, sightseeing spots, no problem, let us handle everything once you are in Japan.
Japan Medical Visa
Not just limited to medical treatment, the Medical Visa was established in 2011and can be obtained for even normal medical check ups, aesthetic procedures, and hot springs rehabilitation. Medicalcare Japan has full application authority from the Japanese government. As well, not just you, but also a family member, a spouse, or a close friend can obtain this visa to accompany you during the trip.
Medical Treatment Arrangements
Our goal is to help you fully understand your illness and suggest medical treatment solutions as a complete all-around service, as well as to provide you with transparent cost and fee estimates for your next appointment.